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Customer Care

Lukjan Metal Products North, Inc. 

645 Industry Road

P.O. Box 357

Conneaut, OH  44030

Phone:  440-599-8127

FAX:      440-593-6237


Lukjan Metal Products South, Inc. 

111 Kings Road

Kings Mountain, NC 28086


Phone: 704-734-0544

Fax:       704-734-0993


Lukjan Metal Products Midwest, Inc.

780 River Avenue

Prairie Farm, WI 54762


Phone: 800-596-4400 

Fax:       715-455-1110


Lukjan Metal Products Great Plains, Inc.

1 Greenwood Road

Sidney, NE  69162


Phone: 308-210-9710 

Fax:       308-210-9720


Rack Policy
Rack Policy/Stacking Instructions

Lukjan provides 4' and 8' stacking racks as a convenience to our customers to assist them in the handling and storage of sheet metal products manufactured by Lukjan. Our current policy is to provide these at no cost to our wholesalers. Any racks that are shipped direct from a Lukjan manufacturing facility to a wholesaler's customer site/warehouse will be charged at a rate of $150/4' rack and $250/8' rack.


We ask that racks be used solely for the purpose of storing and handing LUKJAN manufactured product. We also ask that every effort be made to return these racks in a timely manner (generally within 6 months) to avoid any shortages of racks and the purchase of new racks. Failure to return or mis-use of these racks may result in a charge to the wholesaler of record for the amounts listed. Please contact your customer care team to arrange for the pick-up of any spare racks.


The following video provides instruction on how to efficiently nest and store these racks so they take less space in your warehouse and maximize the space on trucks. You can nest up to eight (8) 4' racks and four (4) 8' racks.   To further redice space you can stack nested racks as outlined in this video.

Credit Application
Credit Application

Interested in carrying Lukjan Metal Products?  Please feel free to contact any one of our customer care members or a sales representative in your area. Following a general assessment of your account, the next step will be to complete a credit application.



Returns (RGA)
Returns (RGA)

Lukjan Metal Products, at its discretion, will accept return product provided they are standard stock items, in saleable condition and in full box quantities. The final credit will be based on count of items received and the condition of the RECEIVED product. All returns will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Please contact your associated customer care team to request a Return Goods Authorization (RGA). Any product returned without an approved RGA may not receive credit.

Contact Us
Contact Us

Feel free to contact us here if you need any additional information.


Please let us know what state you reside so we can forward your request to the proper customer service team.

Your message has bee received. Thank you for your interest in Lukjan Metal Products.

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